Want to engage with menstruation scholarship and activism, but don’t have the time to pick up a book (like The Managed Body, perhaps)? We have you covered! We have compiled below a shortlist of our favorite podcast episodes on menstruation – each highlighting a critically under-addressed aspect of menstruation. 

Case Confirmed – “Public Health has it’s Period” with Chris Bobel

Menstrual Health and Gender Justice Working Group faculty fellow Chris Bobel talks about the public health field and the increasing attention on menstruation. 

Available on iTunes and Soundcloud.

That’s My Story, Period – “I posted a photo of me free bleeding on a bench with a sign ‘bleeding while trans'” with Cass Bliss

Cass Bliss, creator of Toni the Tampon, talks about menstruating as a trans person and the backlash from the viral instagram “Bleeding while Trans”. 

Available on iTunes and Campfire.

The FlowDown – “Menstrual History” with Lara Freidenfelds

Historian Lara Freidenfelds talks about her book The Modern Period: Menstruation in Twentieth-Century America and her interest in medical history of menstruation. 

Available on their website.

PERIOD Podcast – “Blood Coming out of her Wherever” with Dr. Alma Gottlieb

Anthropologist Alma Gottlieb from the University of Illinois talks menstrual taboos in the United States, and elsewhere, with Dr. Kate Clancy. 

Available on their website.

Love-XX – “Bad-Ass Bloody Period Commercial”

On this episode, host Jessie Braun chats about a Bodyform Libresse commercial (available here) that went viral in 2016 for showing all kinds of blood – except period blood. 

Available on iTunes.


Do you have a favorite menstrual podcast that we missed? Send us your favorites!

Contributed by Michelle Chouinard